Serial Killer Stalking Virginia

Nancy Dunning, a real estate agent and wife of then-Sheriff James Dunning, was shot and killed in her Alexandria home in 2004. For several years, her husband was a suspect in his wife’s death, and had not been ruled out as a suspect at the time of his death in 2012.

Last November, Ronald Kirby, a city transportation planner was killed in broad daylight in his Alexandria home. He was shot after presenting himself at the front door.

Last month a man approached the Alexandria home of music teacher, Ruthanne Lodato. When she opened the door she was shot and killed. The man also wounded her caretaker.

All three killings took place around noon and within a two mile radius of each other.

Police have now linked these three killings through forensic investigation. Bullet fragments have been compared in all three cases and found to be similar. With this third victim, police are now investigating whether there is a serial killer in the area. At this time, only the gun has been linked to all three killings, but the timing and location suggests a serial killer. No common motive has been found.

Police say they are looking for an older, white male with gray hair and a full beard. Police have released a sketch of the suspect in Lodato’s murder and are asking for the public’s help. The FBI is also assisting officers field leads.

Justice vs Vengeance

An Ohio jury this week recommended the death penalty for convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell. He showed no reaction at the sentence and he left the courtroom to applause from the audience for the sentence.

Sowell killed 11 woman and presented no defense in his trial. During the sentencing phase he explained his actions were due to being abused physically and sexually as a child.

Those that debate the death penalty often discuss Justice versus Vengeance. An Eye for an Eye. Is it our right to take a life? Isn’t it what a serial killer deserves?

Justice is usually defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable. Vengeance is a punishment exacted for a wrong.

Is the punishment given to Sowell the Justice he deserved? Is it purely Revenge for what he has done? Or is it most likely a little of both.