The Death of Mitrice Richardson

A lot has been said about the LA Sheriff’s possible mishandling of the arrest of Mitrice Richardson on September 16, 2009. Whether they should have released her in the dead of night with no transportation, no cell phone and no identification is up for debate.

What’s more alarming is what happened after she walked out of the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 1am. Mitrice disappeared.

Nearly a year later, on August 9, her nude remains were found in the Lost Hills/Malibu Canyon. Sheriff’s officials stated there was no sign of foul play. Nor do they believe she fell to her death. A spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner’s office estimated that her remains had been there at least six months, or possibly the entire time she had been missing.

In November 2010, during a family excursion to the remote, rugged area, Latrice Sutton, the victim’s mother found a finger bone. In February, eight more bones were discovered by the Coroner’s office and search and rescue teams. All nine bones have been confirmed to be from Mitrice Richardson. Just recently, some of the clothing found near the scene was finally sent to the LASD Crime Lab for examination.

It can be confusing that a young beautiful woman, with bi-polar disease could be released in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on her back, but what’s more disturbing is no one is searching for a possible killer.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winters at the LA County Coroner’s office has agreed this case was not handled properly from the start. Among the issues, Sheriff’s deputies removed the bones from the site against the will of the Coroner’s office. Also, certain tests of the remains were overlooked prior to her burial.

Mitrice’s remains were exhumed on July 13 and will finally undergo important analysis overlooked two years ago. Maybe now we can find out what really happened to Mitrice Richardson and search for a possible killer to face justice.