Got a Kindle?

If you have a Kindle, then you have probably already checked out the KindleBoards. If you haven’t checked it out, now is the time. The Kindle Boards web site has a plethora of information. You can find reviews and opinions on any of the Kindle accessories. You can discuss your favorite novels or non-fiction titles at the Book Corner.  There are Book Klubs to join and you can even interact with authors at the Book Bazaar. Check in regularly to see the KB BOOK OF THE DAY and postings on special promotions and discounts on your favorite authors.

Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t fret. There are sections to discuss non-Kindle e-book readers like Barnes and Noble Nook and the numerous Apple devices.

If you are new to the e-book world, the KindleBoards is the first place to go. And with all the information, you’re going to keep coming back.

Melissa M. Garcia is an author of two novels available on the Kindle, FALLING ANGELS and STRANGER: A DEATH VALLEY MYSTERY.