Ohio Kidnapper to Face Death Penalty?

New information has come to light in the investigation of the kidnapping of three Cleveland, Ohio women. Information that could land Ariel Castro the death penalty.

The death penalty is reserved for the most heinous of crimes. Jodi Arias could face the death penalty for her conviction yesterday of first-degree murder of her ex-boyfriend (her sentencing was post-poned today). The murder was brutal and graphic.

Ariel Castro, arrested for the kidnapping of Amanda Berry, Michele Knight and Gina Dejesus raped, tortured, and bound the women during a decade long ordeal. Amanda Berry gave birth to Castro’s child while in captivity. The Ohio prosecutor will seek murder charges and may ask for the death penalty after learning Castro induced abortions on Michele Knight numerous times by punching her in the stomach until she miscarried.

His defense is that he’s a sex addict.

As with Arias, Castro should face the death penalty. Of course it will be up to a jury of his peers to decide, once guilt has been determined. The death penalty has been in decline in recent years and executions are down all across the US. But we may see a return as people across the country get fed up with people like Arias and Castro, who commit heinous crimes and hope we’ll just forgive them.

Image Credit: USAToday.com

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