Luc Actar’s Thoughts on Gun Control

Luc Actar*:

“I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point American’s started depending on other people for everything. It was probably a slow process. First we gave companies the right to provide us with water and power so we didn’t have to get it ourselves. It was just easier that way. Probably sometime around the Great Depression, we started expecting the government to help us out when we were down on our luck. Now when we don’t have a job, we have someone to blame. I’m sure that sometimes it’s good to have others to rely on for help. But too many people use that as an excuse to not do what you should be doing.

“We created a police force to help protect us for the bad in the world. And now when our homes are broken into or we’re robbed on the street, we can blame the police for not protecting us. But should we really be expecting the police to do something we should be doing ourselves? Why have we so freely given up our right to protect ourselves to a group of people we don’t know? We don’t care about them, why should they care about us?

“If my house were to catch on fire, I wouldn’t sit and watch it burn and wait for the fire department to come help me. It’s MY house. I would pick up a hose and try to put the fire out. If someone wants to help, feel free. But it’s my house and thus my responsibility. If someone breaks into my house, I’m going to stop them. I’m not going to wait for the cops to get there. Where I grew up, no one would ever come.

“Maybe it’s because I don’t trust people in general. There are too many bad people out there, including myself. I want a gun to protect myself. There is no way I’d leave it to the cops. I know too many of those bad people also wear badges. To me, the worst possible outcome in the gun control debate is the only people who have guns is the cops and the criminals.

“But I’m not saying we shouldn’t do something to stop the senseless killings we’ve seen over the years. Owning a gun may be a right, but it’s also a privilege. Gun owners should treat it as such. Be respectful of the gun. Guns are extremely powerful. A gun can level the playing field for an eighty-year old woman and a nineteen year old gang banger. A gun can stop a crime, or it can start one.

“We need to remember the power a gun brings and protect it. Gun owners need to ensure their guns are always safe and have no possible way of falling into the wrong hands. Children, the mentally unstable, and criminals shouldn’t have such easy access to something so powerful. It’s our responsibility as Americans to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

* Luc Actar is the narrator and main character in Falling Angels and Chasing Demons, a crime series written by Melissa M. Garcia.