Why I Still Believe in Santa

Who is Santa? It’s not an easy question to answer for anyone.

But we can describe Santa. He’s jolly. He’s a bit on the obese side. He likes cookies. And he gives gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Santa gives gifts to people without wanting to be seen, without wanting recognition. He just wants to bring happiness to the world  He gives to put a smile on someone’s face. To brighten a day, or to help make dreams come true.

So Santa is everyone. Every parent that has ever put a present under the Christmas tree for their child is Santa.  If you have ever given a gift without the desire for recognition, then you are Santa.

Every Christmas I see people do something nice for someone else. They give donations to help someone they’ve never met. They give toys to children. They give money to hospitals or shelters. They help their neighbors and relatives. They give a gift to a friend not expecting a gift in return.

Santa lives in each of us. That is why I still believe in Santa.

Merry Christmas, everyone.