Time to Give

Although we should donate to charities throughout the year, December tends to be designated as the “time to give.” People feel more charitable around the holidays and tax season is just around the corner. If you’re looking to help those in need, I’ve listed a few charities that I’ve been proud to help. Please remember to research any charity you wish to help to ensure you agree with their motives and mission.image

1. DonorsChoose - Donor’s Choose is a great charity that allows teachers to ask and more importantly, allows you to choose. You can choose to help a teacher you know or a teacher in your community. Or you can choose to help a teacher based on the topic or project. I tend to choose a teacher in my community that is requesting help with book projects (such as furnishing a library with new books, providing a specific book for study, or technology to help study literature in a new way). The best part is you can donate whatever amount you choose.

2. Room to Read - Room to Read is a worldwide charity that helps build and support libraries in communities in desperate need of literacy and education programs. Donate before December 31, and your donation will be doubled by generous donors.

3. Bring Change 2 Mind - I just learned of this charity and it’s fitting in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. One in Four people are affected by Mental Illness and the stigma and discrimination of the problem prevents people from talking about the changes that need to happen. This is a national problem and we cannot continue to ignore it.

4. Foodbanks/Shelters - Every community has a local foodbank or homeless shelter in desperate need of help. The homeless should not be sitting on cold streets when this country has so much wealth to spare. Families everywhere are struggling to get by and foodbanks could use your help. Even a small donation can change someone’s life.

5. Thank the Troops - The Iraq war may finally be over, but our troops are still out throughout the world working to keep you safe and free. They don’t get to be with their family during the holidays. Take time to thank those serving in our military. There are several charities, including: AMillionthanks.org, Kidz4Troops.com, WoundedWarriorProject.org, and Savannahs-Soldiers. Send a thank you card, or better yet, send them a prepaid calling card so they can call home.

Happy Holidays!


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