Mental Illness is the Problem, Not Guns

It is difficult for law enforcement to prevent a mass shooting. There are a lot of signs of a disturbed person about to break. Writings, rantings, large purchases of weapons or ammo are all legal. Often the first law a mass shooter breaks is the first casualty.

We value our freedoms and even though many argue for limits on these freedoms after horrible incidents, there is no proof limits would stop these incidents from happening. Nor do we want to give up these rights. To limit our speech or writings or our right to keep and bear arms comes down to the very core of who we are. We are responsible for ourselves and we have the right to protect ourselves and our belongings. If you take away our guns, the only people with guns will be the government and criminals and we will be unable to protect ourselves from either. Take away our right to free speech and the only people heard will be our government and criminals.

The only way to prevent these mass shootings is an increase in mental health awareness. We all can do something to help those with mental health issues. Mental health professionals need to be aware and able to identify, treat, and commit when necessary.

We need to stop ignoring the mental health issues in the country. We need to stop pushing aside these ill individuals. It starts with the homeless living all around us. We need to house these individuals and get them the medication and therapy the desperately need.

Mental illness often presents itself at a young age. We need to take closer looks at the students in our schools. Educational professionals need to be educated on the signs of mental illness and how to deal with it. Parents need to be educated on how to help and when to commit their children. We all need to be aware of our friends, family, and neighbors and offer help.

For information on Mental Health:

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*Not fact or fiction, these are just my musings.