The Wrong Debate

In the wake of the Aurora shootings this morning, everyone in social media is debating gun control and the second amendment. It’s the wrong debate to be having.

First, we need to stop and pray for those that have been injured and for all the families that this terrible incident has touched. It’s a sad event that has sparked fear, sadness, and anger across the country and it’s a time to come together and help those affected.

Once the dust settles and it’s time to discuss how to prevent the next shooting, we should be discussing the effects of our mental health in our country not the access to fire arms. This is not the act of a sane person. This is the act of deranged mind in desperate need of professional help.

We, as a country, need to stop ignoring the mentally unstable and start making laws to protect them and the people they could hurt in the future. Many of our homeless need access to professional help. Colleges and universities need to be on the look out for troubled youth as often signs of mental health issues first appear during these years. Parents need to watch for signs in their children and we all need better resources that we can turn to for help BEFORE it’s too late.

My prayers go out to you, Aurora.

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