The Loss of My Idols

We have lost some great writers in the past two months.

Ray Bradbury inspired me to think outside the box. After reading Bradbury, I wanted to write fiction that shocked or surprised the reader. His works continue to awe me, no matter how many times I re-read them.

Nora Ephron made me reevaluate all my characters. She made me want to write loving, strong, inspirational and humorous characters. I wanted my characters to feel as real as her characters.

Last Week, Encyclopedia Brown author Donald J. Sobol passed away at the age of 87.  Sobol was probably the first writer that I looked up to. I remember reading Sobol’s series as a child. I tried to solve the easy-to-read mysteries (but sometimes hard to figures out!) and wished I could be like Encyclopedia Brown. I wanted to work at the Brown Detective Agency. Sobol made me want to write crime fiction.

I will always remember their works and how their writing affected mine.

Rest in Peace.